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Richard G. Uday, Attorney at Law Licensed to practice in the State of Utah
Richard G. Uday, Attorney at Law

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To Whom It May Concern:

The Rich Uday law firm has been amazing. Richard Uday and Rachel, his paralegal, have helped us through 3 grueling years of court hearings, jail time, legal questions, and probation violations with our son. They have been professional and thorough in helping us through a very difficult and emotional time. We couldn't have made it without them. The costs were well worth it. We were able to have our questions answered quickly and knowledgeable with thorough explanations of how the legal system works. We were well represented at many court hearing with Rich Uday's presence. He had a unique and special approach with the other lawyers and judges. His interpersonal skills were superb! He was able to convince the prosecuting lawyers and judges to see things from an alternative perspective without being pushy or pretentious. He was graceful and calm, supportive and knowledgeable. When we thought our case was finished and a probation violation turned up, the Uday team called us before we called them. They were on top of the situation before we knew what to do and offered prompt professional advice. They were able to reduce bail and release our son from jail early. Rich Uday was there for us once again in several court hearings with good outcomes. We felt supported by a team that believed in us and our case. I would highly recommend their services. Hooray for the Uday team!

Thank you Rich and Rachel!

Dear Mr. Uday,

I wanted to write to you and thank you for your help with xxxxxxxx case. As you know xxxxxxxx has had a lot of problems in his life and has found very few individuals willing to help him out, A lot of people looked down on him and made fun of him. Most tried to take advantage of him or caused him even greater problems. I believe we told you that he had his truck set on fire, his house was set fire at least twice, and he and his father were shot with either a pellet gun or bb gun. Then there was the false accusation of xxxxxxxx that you were able to help with. He has been extremely relieved to have that accusation cleared and I am so grateful. His health could not stand much more stress and you helped to relieve a lot of the stress that was bothering him.

Just for your information, xxxxxxxx troubles are not over. Shortly after the trial the house where the previously mentioned things took place was broken into. A refrigerator and some other items were stolen. It was broken into again a couple of weeks later. A little over a week ago the house was set on fire again and this time was burned beyond repair and will have to be torn down. The fire department said it was definitely human caused and there was evidence of gasoline in the driveway next to the back door. The fire started just inside the back door, where they broke in, and spread throughout the entire house. We wondered if these were acts of revenge because of the outcome of the trial but there is no evidence to substantiate that. But, we wondered, since it all happened so recently after the trial and we know that the plaintiffs were
very upset..

I realize that it could have cost us much more to get xxxxxxxx name cleared but you were very fair with your charges, which helped a great deal. Again, I want to thank you so much for your help with his case and your respectful treatment of xxxxxxxx during the entire time we were involved with you and your office staff. It was more than professional courtesy.

Gratefully yours, xxxxxxxx

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