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Richard G. Uday, Attorney at Law Licensed to practice in the State of Utah
Richard G. Uday, Attorney at Law

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Why Hire Uday Law?

Welcome to Uday Law

Attorney Richard G. Uday is a native of Utah having migrated to Salt Lake City from northern Utah to attend Law School at the University of Utah. After law school he made Salt Lake City his home and the base for his law practice.

Rich has practiced law for over 25 years and for all that time has focused almost entirely on criminal defense work and Uday Law is a must choice for your short list when choosing the best representation when you or your loved one finds yourself facing criminal charges.

At Uday Law, Rich is committed to handling clients' criminal law cases with dedication and experience drawing from over twenty-five years of criminal defense practice handling major felonies, appeals and misdemeanor charges, including DUI cases.

He is familiar with and maintains a quality reputation with all the courts and prosecutor offices throughout the Wasatch front. Rich has also successfully handled numerous cases throughout the State of Utah from Logan to St. George, as well as the Uintah Basin and Moab areas.

By managing his own law firm, Rich is able to provide more detailed attention and quality representation to each of his clients who is charged with committing a crime within the State of Utah.

Rich has a great deal of experience and represents individuals charged with any criminal offense including aggravated felonies. He has successfully represented individuals charged with homicide, robbery, burglary, rape, sexual assault, sexual abuse, theft, fraud, forgery, DUI, domestic violence, internet crimes, identity crimes and all drug related offenses.

Rich spends a large part of his practice handling appeals for clients whose cases handled by other attorneys resulted in convictions requiring the Utah Supreme Court or Utah Court of Appeals to review the case. Rich has successfully handled a number of petitions with the Utah Board of Pardons.

Additionally, Rich has a wealth of experience when assisting individuals where a mental illness or drug usage or abuse has or may have played a role in the alleged commission of the offense and/or where drug or alcohol addiction has or is alleged to have occurred.

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